Mary Jane

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USES: Reusable up to 20 wears

SHAPE: Tapered 

MATERIAL: 3D Vegan Silk

VOLUME: Medium

LENGTH: 18-20mm

"Mary Jane" has become a cult favorite since we dropped our first lash book. Giving its moment to shine was a no-brainer! "Mary Jane" is perfect if you're going for a sultry cat-eye / siren eye look!

How To Apply


Is this style the best for my eye shape?

Mary Jane’s tapered style works best for those who are looking for a lowkey bold lash for a more subtle cat-eye effect. 

  • Round Eyes: Mary Jane gives you a seductive cat-eye effect that helps elongate your eyes.
  • Deep Set Eyes: Mary Jane is a long and curly style that helps open up your eyes while enhancing their size.
  • Monolid Eyes: Mary Jane is a fluttery style that has crisscross layers that help open up your eyes. 

Why silk lashes over mink lashes?

Our lashes are 100% vegan & cruelty-free. No animals or people are ever put in harm to produce our product. Unlike some mink lashes, silk lashes are more durable so they'll be able to last you longer and retain their curls longer too.

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