Lash Necessities® - Lash Accessory Kit

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A complete lash accessories kit with everything you need to lash like a pro. If you’re a strip lash fan, Lash Necessities® is the trio you need in your makeup collection to step up your lash game.

What’s Included:

  • Chula Beauty Strip Lash Adhesive 
  • Chula Beauty 3-in-1 Tweezer - Tweezers, Lash Applicator & Brow/Lash Comb
  • Chula Beauty Curved Scissors

Chula Beauty Strip Lash Adhesive: Our hypoallergenic waterproof formula goes on white and dries clear for strong all-day hold so you don’t have to ever worry about your lashes lifting or falling again!

Chula Beauty 3-in-1 Tweezers: If you're all about lashes and brows, this tool will instantly become your bestie! You’ll be able to pluck your eyebrows, apply your favorite lashes and comb through your brows or lashes with just one beauty tool!

Chula Beauty Curved Scissors: They not only come in handy with trimming your lashes, but they are also great for any facial grooming. Due to the curved design, you’ll be able to get really close and precise without hurting yourself or ruining your favorite pair of lashes!

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