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USES: Reusable up to 20 wears

SHAPE: Rounded 

MATERIAL: 3D Vegan Silk

VOLUME: Medium

LENGTH: 18-20mm

"Lolita" is a rounded lash that can be turned into a tapered style by simply cutting the outer corners! Dress her up to achieve a unique glam/doll-like moment or dress her down for a chill 'lashes and gloss' kinda day. 

How To Apply


Is this style the best for my eye shape?

Depending on how you cut "Lolita", she can help you achieve a unique sparse lash look or a soft cat-eye effect. 

  • Almond Eyes: Almost any lash style works with almond eyes, Lolita is one of the best to let your eyes do all the talking for you.

  • Hooded Eyes: Since you benefit most from lashes with the most drama at the center, not the outer corner, Lolita is definitely your girl!

  • Monolid Eyes: Lolita’s fluttery style and length are perfect for helping you open up your beautiful eyes.

Why silk lashes over mink lashes?

Our lashes are 100% vegan & cruelty-free. No animals or people are ever put in harm to produce our product. Unlike some mink lashes, silk lashes are more durable so they'll be able to last you longer and retain their curls longer too.

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