About Us

Chula Beauty is more than your typical 'beauty brand'

Hola chulas y chulos! 

My name is Sergio and my younger sister, Areli and I have always dreamed of doing something bigger than ourselves.

We both are passionate about makeup and clothes and saw that many brands didn’t represent our culture in both the beauty and fashion industry. We saw this an opportunity for us to be the change we wanted to see.

Although my younger sister and I were born in Florida, we both grew up with our parent's Mexican culture. We constantly learn and become even more inspired to connect with our heritage and the beauty that is Mexico and its people. 

Chula Beauty came as a way to create tools that embrace and celebrate our culture that could benefit other Latinos y Latinas. 

Chula Beauty is more than the typical 'beauty brand'. We create cruelty-free tools to empower hard-working people like you to feel your best. We promise to create affordable and quality products for everyone to enjoy!

Con mucho amor,

Sergio + Areli